Wednesday, October 08, 2008

#29 . . . The TTAB Continues

A quick post this morning. Ms. Koehler has now filed an impermissible surreply with the TTAB, claiming it is an 'answer to a counterclaim.'

Read the rules Ms. Koehler, surreplies are not permitted in TTAB proceedings.

I also said I was qualified to practice patent law by virtue of my education. I did not say I was registered to practice patent law. Until I submit my registration and sit for the patent bar, the OED has no authority over me. Even then, this is a trademark case, not a patent case.

I am in receipt of the motion to dismiss and am working on my reply. I researched the law before I filed the complaint. Your reliance on Sunlight Sauna is misplaced. I'll be submitting my brief before the due date.

This litigation is far from frivolous. If, for some reason, you prevail on the jurisdiction claim, I will refile it in Ohio.

To read the public records in the TTAB case, the link is in the post below.

Have a great day one and all and thank you for your support. Terri


At 9:08 AM, Blogger klcarr said...

"The beat goes on". Terri, this situation has moved from silly and strange to disturbingly weird.

Little Sister, please know that we have your back. You are doing the work, but you have a legion of loved ones and friends who are right there for you. "Rock On!"


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