Tuesday, September 25, 2007

#22 - The Truth Will Out . . .

Interesting, suddenly all of the addendums that belong to the American Plastic Equipment motion for partial summary judgment on the trademark 'Fort Apache' are posted at:


instead of www.sirdinglydang.com. I guess 'Jason Mason' forwarded all the documents to the owner of that website for posting. Funny though, the motion for partial summary judgment is the only thing posted, not any of the motions to dismiss or motions for sanctions. So, the word 'complete' is a serious misnomer.

I'll be filing my response on or before October 11, 2007. We'll see if that is posted, or if the 'complete' record remains one-sided.

Just remember, as I said earlier, both sides get to have their say and then a judge, not the court of public opinion makes the decision.

I have to go back to work now. I have yet another motion to file. I wonder if it will appear on any postings??

Have a good evening everyone! Terri


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